Our solutions are designed to transform the way in which business is currently carried out by Companies, since today internal/external customers, offices abroad or foreign, partners, students and/or patients form different work groups, and all this requires a unified and flexible collaboration to be able to communicate from any place at any time using a solution with voice, video and file sharing with just one click.

If adapting a specific room for specific function is needed, we have special equipment that combine a robust technology with elegant simplicity, which is perfect for your room design and has customized applications to your business or organization to satisfy every need.

With the widest range in integrated solutions for Video, Voice and Web, we can offer the ultimate experience in Remote Communications in Real Time.

Our Solutions


Boardrooms, Meeting Halls and Auditoriums Desing and Updating


• Automation


• Video conference and Audio conference


• Screens, videowalls, videoprojectors


• Switches and IP Service


• Virtual Cloud Services


• Structured Cabling


• Network Administration


• Surveillance cameras and video porters


• Equipment rentals


• Office Moving



We participate in the preparation and transformation of any room, from planning to constructing: Site Study, Architectural Design, Civil Engineering, Connectivity, Furniture, Acoustics, Audio, Lighting, Colorimetry and Automation for Corporate, University or Government Video conferences... wherever you need to have the best Audio and Video quality.


No matter the size of your Boardroom, Office or Auditorium. With our technology, which offers flexibility and mobility in any space in which there is a telephone line, you will get effective communication.


Solutions for vertical markets such as:


Long Distance Education: Our systems are installed in classrooms for Remote Learning applications, in different cities and / or countries.


• Telemedicine: Doctors use our systems to treat remote patients.


• Corporate: For management reviews, decision making, Personnel hiring, Employee training.


• Government


• Justice System



In this area, we offer sale, design, consulting, maintenance, and installation of Structured Cabling for Voice, Data and Video in accordance with the ISO 11801, ETA/TIA 568 B, 569, 606 regulations for commercial building cabling.


AutoCAD Design and Engineering for Telecommunication Networks, Materials, Mechanical and Fusion Connections, Backskattering, Blueprints, Testing, Voice and Data Networks for levels 5,5e,6 and 7.


Utp, Ftp, Sftp, Optic fiber cabling (6,12,24,36 F.O.), Selfsupporting cabling, Ekc, Eki, harnessing, Patch Chords, Stii Connectors, Sc, Fc, Etc.


Lan and Wan, for Voice, Data and Video


Network and Cabling Certification